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At GMG Plywoods Pvt. Ltd. TGP Technology is implemented to make all our products more powerful &long lasting. The Resign is one of the main raw material in making plywood & allied products. The durability of plywood depends upon quality of resign used. At GMG Plywood resign is developed by our adhesive specialties in our fully facilitated R&D laboratory and manufactured in our resign plant under strict quality control conditions. The resign is then mixed with water Resistant chemicals and some strong chemicals like anti-termite borer chemical which acts as a poison for all kind of terminate & make GMG Ply 100% terminate, fungus & borer proof. Our resign has high adhesive strength so that our plywood products have more durability. The resign is then applied on the plies at high & controlled pressure & temperature to make quality product.

"Extra Strength, Extra Power"

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GMG Plywoods Pvt. Ltd. has gained a strong foothold as a noteworthy Manufacturer and Supplier of Woods in Haryana (India). We offer a diverse range of Woods such as Flush Doors, Block Board and Plywoods. Our Woods are manufactured through TGP technology.